Technological capabilities
The equipment UAB "RELEMA" employs in the manufacturing process includes cutting,punching, metal-forming, welding, bending, milling, grinding, powder coating and packaging equipment. It enables to satisfy any demands of the customers related with metal products:
Cutting sheet metal Our cutting equipment is able to handle up to 6 mm thick sheet metal
Cutting round metal products Cutting pipes, strips, round steel and other products which diameter is up to 150 mm.
Metal forming Mechanical presses which are applied in the Company are meant for punching. Presses may operate with metal up to 10 mm thick. Press size ranges between 25 tons and 100 tons, operation speed is up to 100 strokes per minute.
Welding TIG, MIG/MAG and contact welding techniques are applied allowing to work with different kinds of metal including stainless steel.
Powder coating The powder coating system ITW GEMA consists of washing and iron phosphate system, a drying oven, powder paint cabinets and a burn-off furnace. A multiple color palette of different types of powder paint (epoxy, polyether, mixed paints) is offered taking into consideration the customer demands. We can powder coat the products up to 1 500 x 5 500 mm.
Galvanizing Metal product coating with hot dip galvanizing, electrochemical technique galvanizing is an effective product protection against corrosion.